Fun Stuff

I do manage to have a life outside of work and find an interest in many things, ranging from my great family, skateboarding, photographs, music, tattoos, and much more.

  • Before moving back to Bristol we lived In the USA at one of the most lovely places I can think of, Santa Cruz and this is just a great place, with the most amazing landscapes (Redwoods, Mountains, and of course the Ocean).
  • Before moving to the USA we also lived in Bristol which has a small but great music scene, along with a great independent cinema:
    • Check out the Cube Cinema if you are ever in Bristol.
    • Some good friends of mine promote a wide selection of interesting music, in Bristol, the UK, and beyond. They work under the hat Qu Junctions.
    • For a while some friends (including me) created the Venn Festival. This video explains it all.
  • For music check out MV && EE and Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature Vol. 2.
  • I have a great family and here is a picture of some of them:
  and the others:
  • I love tattoos and if you live in Santa Cruz and looking to expand you collection, then I would recommend you check out O’Reilly’s Tattoo. Here are some shots from some of mine: