OpenCL Programming Guide

Aaftab Munshi, Benedict R Gaster, Timothy G. Mattson, James Fung, Dan Ginsburg

Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (July 25, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0321749642





Using the new OpenCL (Open Computing Language) standard and framework, you can write applications that access all available programming resources: CPUs, GPUs, accelerators, and even external processors. Already implemented by Apple, ATI, NVIDIA, and other leaders, OpenCL has outstanding potential for PCs, servers, handheld/embedded devices, high-performance computing, and even cloud systems. This is the first comprehensive, authoritative, and practical guide to OpenCL 1.1 specifically for working developers and software architects.
Authored by five leading OpenCL authorities, OpenCL Programming Guidecovers the entire specification. It reviews key use cases, shows how OpenCL can express a wide range of parallel algorithms, and offers complete reference material on both the API and OpenCL C programming language.
Through complete case studies and downloadable code examples, the authors show how to write complex parallel programs that decompose workloads across many different devices. They also present all the essentials of OpenCL software performance optimization, including probing and adapting to hardware

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