Breaking news: New Phd Studentship on heterogeneous computing. This is part funded by the HSA Foundation and is the chance for the successful student to work on bleeding edge hardware and software for heterogeneous computing.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested!


I am a researcher and SL at the University of the West of England were I’m working on teaching and following research in GPGPU, compilers, and functional programming. I’m currently working on CFG abstractions for SIMD execution and a representation of SOA that is easy for programmers.

I am always looking for interesting students who would like to work towards a PhD. While I am open to all smart and highly motivated students it helps if you have an interest in my particular areas of research. If you are interested please feel free to contact me for further information and discussion.

In the past I was a principal engineer at Qualcomm and before that worked in AMD Research, where I work on programming models and languages for emerging parallel architectures and in particular GPUs and APUs. Recently, I have been working on developing a C++ programming model for APUs (called Heterogeneous Parallel Patterns (HPP)) and have developed a data-flow model for general purpose compute . Before that I developed the memory model for AMD’s new HSA architecture and worked on a notion of partial barriers, an important step in making GPGPU programming composible. I originally joined AMD to work on developing an implementation of the Open Compute Language and was the architect for the compiler component.

During this time I have co-written two books on OpenCL, one covering the standard from a reference point of view and the other an introductory text book aimed at professional developers and under graduates alike. I am also the author of the OpenCL C++ wrapper API.

I was previously a software architect at ClearSpeed in the UK, where I worked on new programming models for SIMD processors and heterogeneous systems CPU+accelerators. In particular, we developed the programming language Cn which incorporated the notion of value multiplicity into the type system.

The views expressed here, are my personal views and are not intended to be representative of my employer.

email: benedict.gaster at uwe.ac.uk

twitter: @cuberoo_

github: bgaster